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Direct Marketing Intermediary Firm
Specializing in Small and Mid-Sized Transactions

Libey LLC (“Libey”) is a boutique intermediary firm specializing in acquisitions, sales and valuations for small and mid-sized direct marketing companies. Libey has broad access through its relations with domestic and international investment banking firms, top legal and accounting firms, and associated private investment groups.

We bring a high level of intermediary expertise, integrity, and professionalism to the direct marketing small and mid-sized markets ($2 million to $100 million in sales), and specifically to acquisitions and sales of catalog and online companies.

Our efforts are focused on working confidentially and efficiently on behalf of our clients in every transaction. Libey’s particular strength lies in its over 30 years of experience in operating direct marketing, catalog and online businesses; as an internationally respected consultant and advisor to CEOs; and as an “insider’s” intermediary in numerous acquisitions and sales of direct marketing companies since 1989.

The life of a catalog and online business is a journey with a defined destination. A successful direct marketing business begins with an entrepreneurial idea and a product niche, gathers customers and history, gains maturity, adds value and builds valuation for the owner. The business often transitions from private ownership to corporate or private equity stewardship. The destination for each direct marketing business is uniquely its own, and reaching that destination often means advance preparation for the transformation. Libey is a specialist intermediary firm; we assist direct marketing business owners to successfully navigate the process of value preparation and transformation to achieve their financial goals.


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